A Time of Gratitude

It's November and wow how the world has risen up this week. It's also the month where we celebrate Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day. Where we give thanks to those that have served our country and for the love and friendship in our lives. Take a moment to reflect with family and friends on all we have to be grateful for. It seems that at this moment in particular, we would be well served to start that reflection as soon as possible. We are a divided country but I believe we have more in common than issues that divide us. That the American spirit which millions aspire to live here and experience is more powerful than any single presidential term. Through out our brief history as The United States of America we have endured good and bad presidents, both Democrat and Republican. We have seen huge cultural changes both inclusive and divisive. So for those that choose to peacefully protest please do, it's our right. For those that choose to be part of the future as American's working together to enhance the quality of life for all people, GREAT!

Those we care for have lived very full and not always such easy lives. We thank all who have served and their families, we respect your service which didn't always align with your thoughts, personal political views or moral compass. That took you to places to witness things we could not imagine and force you to spend your life with memories we all wish you didn't have. We thank you for your contribution and service so we can live free!

We each have the ability to impact our own family values and there is always an opportunity to contribute and have a positive impact in our communities. Take the time to do something to contribute and find gratitude in all that you have been blessed with. I'm grateful each and every day! Grateful for everything that didn't happen and for the freedoms we all share living in the Unites States of America!


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