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Five Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value, This Weekend!

We all have that list of home improvements we want to get to, but how do we know items on that list are worth the time and energy, especially if selling is on the horizon. Here are tested, true, and time conscious projects that will raise the value of your home!

Five Ways to...

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The Pricing Principle: Tips for Selling at Top Dollar This Summer

This summer, inventory is the lowest it has been in 18 years! Long Island’s inventory is down -14.08% over May 2016. With buyer demand up, Sellers have a window to sell quickly and for top dollar. Many LI homeowners are getting above asking price. While there are many factors involved in a successful...
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Medicare: Prescription Drug Plan

Part D (Prescription Drug Plan) is an important part of your Medicare options.

Medicare: Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)

By Marie Cantone Founder of Family Financial Services
Original Medicare which is Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Doctor) does not include prescription drug coverage. Below are some “tips” on what you need to know to choose a plan.
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Long-Distance Caregiving

If you have an elderly parent or loved one who lives far away, you may often wonder how they’re coping with the challenges of aging. You may have noticed signs of forgetfulness during a phone conversation or a stack of unopened mail during a visit. Too often we don't know exactly how someone...
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