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Equities: Investing for the Long Term

While speaking with friends and prospective clients lately, I’ve been hearing a recurring theme that with the upcoming election and current economic conditions, they are waiting to invest in the stock market. How does anyone know if the stock market will go down in the near future for those or any other reasons?...
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Avoiding Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home: Read the Fine Print

You probably know that, if you sell your home, you may exclude up to $250,000 of your capital gain from tax. For married couples filing jointly, the exclusion is $500,000. Also, unmarried people who file jointly own a home and separately meet the tests described below can each exclude up to $250,000.

Avoiding Capital...

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When Heirs Cry

Prince’s untimely demise is an unfortunate lesson for us all. I cannot stress enough that you must plan for your estate distribution because if you do not clearly lay out your wishes, you are creating a situation in which you have no control over how your assets are divided among your family.
By Steven...
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