Five Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value, This Weekend!

We all have that list of home improvements we want to get to, but how do we know items on that list are worth the time and energy, especially if selling is on the horizon. Here are tested, true, and time conscious projects that will raise the value of your home!

Five Ways to Improve your Home’s Value, This Weekend!

By Melissa Carmelitano
SRES Certified Real Estate Professional
Exit Realty Achieve

Let there be light!

The very best comment you can get as a Seller is that your home is “light & bright”. Natural light makes a space feel larger and more luxurious. Use sheer window coverings to let in as much light as possible. Make sure all other window coverings are pulled away to allow sun you’re your home. Plenty of natural light is one of the easiest ways you can create an airy feel in your home.

You can also add dimension with a mirror. Mirrors are an inexpensive way to create style and a sense of wide, open space. Hang a large accent mirror—or several small mirrors—on walls opposite your windows. They will not only work to make your home seem larger, but will also work to reflect light, creating a brighter atmosphere.

Conquer the Clutter!

Life is hectic and sometimes we find ourselves shoving items we aren’t sure what to do with into closets, drawers, onto counters and even into “junk” rooms. Knick-knacks can pile up over time and make your home seem smaller or darker than it actually is. Taking time to tackle clutter will not only ensure that your home shows better, and therefore has more value to buyers, but will also lighten your psychological load.

Feeling overwhelmed? Open up a cardboard box in each of the rooms in your home that need cleaning. Label each box so you know where it came from, but try to fill it with any personalized or commemorative knick-knacks, even children art projects. The goal is for your home to feel “Light and Bright.” Once the items are removed, stack the boxes in a basement, garage, guest room or shed. Buyers are much more willing to over look packed boxes than they are to look past clutter.

Invest in Curb Appeal!

Curb appeal is also of extreme importance to buyers. You want your home to seem inviting, even from the street. Posting up a For Sale sign? Consider having your home power washed. Re-paint any porches or trims that look like they need it. Planting flowers is also a quick inexpensive way to add some curb appeal. Don’t forget about the back yard, too! Fix any small repairs and consider planting flowers.

Homeowners may also consider replacing worn garage doors and front doors. Historically, the two items that give the most return of value are garage and front doors! Even further, replacing garage and front doors can be one of the most cost-effective ways to change the look of your home for the better. These items work as the face of your home, and can go along way as buyers will perceive the home as more updated.

Dated? Replace over remodel!

Although more updated homes usually fetch a higher price point, renovated to sell can be tricky because the price for the work is subject to change, as is the market. Focus on replacing rather than renovating. For example, let’s say you have a dated kitchen. Rather than ripping the whole thing out, consider replacing older appliances with newer stainless steel ones. Old cabinets? Consider re-finishing or re-painting them and changing out hardware instead of buying brand new ones. Ugly counters? Perhaps a slab of granite can go a long way. Selling a home is much more about the feeling Buyers get when they walk through than about the dollar amount spent on improvements.

Consider purchasing a home warranty.

Purchasing a home can be scary, so any opportunity a buyer has to feel more comfortable coming up to asking price (or even over in this market) is great for you as a Seller. Perhaps you have an older roof or appliances—by choosing to cover those items in a home warranty, you will be giving the buyer and extra layer of security. Most warranties are around $200 - $400 but can go a long way in terms of your homes value.



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