Live True to the Season

When we live according to our true rhythm we need to acknowledge the place where we live. Both inner space and outer environment. Live true to the season. It's winter in the Northeast and the bears are hibernating with a good long nap to rest, recover and reenergize for Spring. Regardless of where you live there are seasonal rhythmic opportunities for rejuvenation. We cozy up to the fire, make snow angels with our children and grandchildren while ending our days early as the sun disappears before the end of the work day. It's also a great time to connect to oneself and like the bear, rest and recover, reenergize for the Spring ahead.

As we age our natural rhythm changes as does our physical ability. Staying aware and mindful of our ability to connect to the needs of our body each day helps us stay in rhythm. Staying in tune with oneself can help in significant ways the ones we love and care for. As caregivers we give so much of ourselves and sometimes more than we have. Take the cue from the season and find ways to hibernate a bit so when Spring comes you can be like the bear and live large, push limits and grin and bear it when life gets hectic.

Photo credit: Bird Feet in Snow, Ashley Rae Paolino from Johnston, RI an aspiring filmmaker and photographer.


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