Doctor of Pharmacy, Licensed Consultant Pharmacist, and Diabetes Educator
The Health Consultant Pharmacists of America, Inc.
Provider of Innovative Medication Therapy Management, Diabetes Education, and Regulatory Services

Antonella graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2004 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Antonella is a Registered Pharmacist in Florida and Arizona as well as a Florida licensed Consultant Pharmacist.

Antonella’s work experience within the last ten years relates to the Long Term Care industry as a provider of regulatory consultant services for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers.

In January of 2012, Antonella founded The Health Consultant Pharmacists of America, Inc. (HCPA).

Since then, her focus has been to bring more innovative education to senior local communities through lecture seminars and in-home visits for medication therapy management as it relates to prevention of poly-pharmacy, medications safety, improvement of disease outcomes, and overall healthcare communication among medical providers. The ultimate goal of Antonella’s practice is to share the importance of healthy lifestyles and to empower others to be informed in making good medical decisions while finding appropriate non-pharmacological alternatives.