It's been a full year since my husband Fred & I became permanent residents in Mirror Lakes, after 9 years as snowbirds. I retired as an Assoc. Dean for Development in the School of Medicine, at SUNY Stony Brook, where my duties included raising money for research, publishing journals for departments in the medical school and health marketing for corporations that wanted an affiliation with our research.

Last year I was elected to the BOD. I earned the mandatory 2-hr. certification but felt the need to learn more about the Florida Statutes. I then took the 18-hour CAMS certification course. Knowing the local laws along with what I've learned about our community, the people and the concerns of our residents has empowered me to help make sure we are prepared for the future.

As current chair of the Architectural Committee, my input includes leadership, creating a teamwork approach to achieve our goals, and setting high standards for our quality of life.