Three Hours A Week, Three Problems Solved

Barry had recently retired after a long career as an engineer. Recently his family noticed that age and a 20 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease were catching up to him and he was no longer capable of doing many of the things he used to do on his own. Although he was still able to manage a household with his wife Uma, small signs that the couple were not able handle the daily household duties were becoming more apparent.

Three Hours A Week, Three Problems Solved

By Anup Mukherjee
Helpercorner LLC.

Everyone felt the kitchen could be cleaner, the dining table decluttered, and the closets organized. This decline in his lifestyle bothered everyone who knew the couple as a vibrant and active. Trying to do this during weekend visits was not ideal since doing the little things that needed to be done took away from family time.

Ideally, Barry’s family wanted to hire someone who was reliable, trustworthy, and able to work with Barry and Uma. They needed a person who was attentive, patient, communicated well and had good listening skills. This was critical because Barry’s speech had become significantly worse since due to the his Parkinson’s. Often, he would need to repeat himself multiple times before he was understood. The couple only needed help to do light cleaning, groceries, and to regularly monitor the home for safety and maintenance. Thus, they felt that a weekly 3 hours visit was ideal. Upon looking around, Barry’s family came across Helpercorner as one of the few companies offering this type of service. The Helpercorner solution offered a secure, affordable option to meet Barry and Uma’s needs for help with the household.

Norma from Helpercorner was a great help to Barry’s family. Her experience in community service through her Church for senior had given her strong understanding of Barry and Uma’s situation. Prior to the first visit, the Helpercorner team established Norma’s activities and a weekly schedule for her visits. Initially, the visits were focused on cleaning, vacuuming and getting groceries. Over time Norma was able to help Barry and Uma to declutter their kitchen and dining room, organize closets and create a maintenance and organizing schedule to manage their household. These visits were 3 hours a week and Barry and his family were able to address their needs with a cost effective solution that truly lifted a burden from them. The weekend visits were fun again.



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